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February 2, 2015

Patrul letter Rinpoche, with good advice for himself

Shri my son, You should bear this in your mind:   There are three things that should not be forgotten: The Guru full of grace, The […]
January 30, 2015


Ignorance is the root of all afflictive emotions in such a way that, for example, is ignorance which leads to anger. We act aggressively against others […]
February 16, 2014

The Best

Better than watching TV, is to observe each moment. Observe how mind works… The best new is to discover the situation of you daily life… The […]

About us

The Center

The Dharma Center Cóndor Blanco is located in Cóndor Blanco's forest reserve south of Chile, near Pucón. Our activities are also available in some cities of Latin America and United States.

The Dream

Some years ago, a Buddhist Monk went living in Condor Blanco's reserve and changed positively the people who lived there. He created a great project that envolves the construction of a Buddhist Temple.

Precious Teachings of Buddhism


What is meditation?

The term Meditation or Bhavana means "cultivation of the mind". This internal practice proposes that the natural state of mind is of calm and peace, where the deep and natural mind is pure and crystal clear. By the means of this practice, the mind is trained to perceive this state and maintain it, making the practioner stay in reality, in the present now, increasing the comprehension of the world, the vision of oneself and of everything that surrounds.

The Meditation, among others things, helps to develop and manage a clearer and clever mind in times of intense or negative situations, also helping on perceiving clearly and growing positive emotions and situations. To meditate is a way to understand the processes in which our minds work, making possible to see where our mind is focused (anger, desire, jealousy or peace) so that is where we are living by. Meditating we can perceive that everything is a matter of choice, that we don't have to react as fast as thought, and that there is the present moment in which we can choose consciously how to act and where to focus our mind and energy.

There are several types of meditation, depending on the line and tradition it follows, but all of them are based on the key principles Shamata (mental peace, serenity, tranquility) and Vipassana (clarity, seeing things as they are; the prefix "vi" meaning "several" and "passana" meaning "to see", means "to see it all").

In an evolutionary path is importante to appreciate that the mind without training is weak and inflexible. Stays in its comfort zone. When trying to vary the limits os this zone, it reacts in rigid ways. Otherwise, the trained mind is strong, flexible and workable. Once this is comprehended, you can achieve an inner state where you can harmonize and balance every level of your life. You will have the ineer strenght to make changes and choose your path, developing deep conscious to achive wholeness and freedom.

"Practice meditation. It is fundamental. Once you try it you can't leave it, its benefits are immediate." (Dalai Lama)

"A sane mind and a good heart, along with warm feelings, are the most importante. If the mind doesn't cultivate positive and elevated thoughts, we can never achieve happiness." (Dalai Lama)

Self Ignorance

The ignorance is the root of all afflicting emotions in a way that, for example, is ignorance that leads to anger. We act aggressively against others because we ignore that anger only brings pain and pity to ourselves and others. Therefore, is because of ignorance we have pride, desire and jelousy or envy. By dissolving the ignorance darkness, Buddha Vairochana is awaked. The wisdom that shines bright when overcomes ignorance is the wisdom of dharmata, to achieve the most elevated state. Until now we haven't been conscious of the nature of things because we are ignorants. This causes mental confusion and negative actions. Purificating ignorance we can see the true nature of all phenomena. Tha natural body of the wisdom of dharmata purity is Buddha Vairochana. Since the darkness of ignorance has been eliminated from him, it is depicted in color white.

Better than watching TV, is to observe each moment. Observe how mind works…

The best new is to discover the situation of you daily life…

The best movie is to reflect on the cyclical existence of samsara, in which we live in this modern world… Learn to Meditate...

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