Trusol Bath

banderas1Trusol is a ritual done by monks or Budist Tibetans Lamas with mantras and prayers. It is one of many great ancestral methods inside this culture. Tru Sol are two Tibetan words: Tru means a prepared water for baths with medicinal spices and herbs; and Sol means offer or deliver. The Trusol bath works mainly with the five elements related to the five poisons of the mind. Any problem that afflicts us, such as health, means that an element is blocked. So the Trusol bath first identify this element, unblock it and balance the others.


Method of practice:

The Trusol bath has 3 steps.

  1. Bath with heavy salt and hot water which represents the external bath.
  2. Bath with several natural herbs and not so hot water which represents the internal bath.
  3. Tibetan bath, that represents the secret bath, with a very smooth water prepared with 25 main herbs called Bum Ze Nyer Nga in Tibetan and other 05 herbs, a total of 30 different types. It is a powder made by the Tibetans Lamas while chanting mantras and blessing every gram of this product in permanent meditation.


Duration: 60 minutes.




  1. To purify all contamination of the 3 doors: body, word and mind
  2. To help with headaches and dizziness
  3. To awaken motivation and better mood
  4. To redeem the essential energy of the five elements
  5. To deliver a great protection for your path in life, harmonizing the inner self and attracting peace and quiet


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