School Bodhisattva Condor Blanco


Bodhisattva CB is one of 8 schools of Condor Blanco, where you can learn about Buddhist philosophy and the awakening of the Bodhisattva within (or Awakened One). By practicing control of the mind, the mind can become a tool that would benefit others, serving with humility, honesty, compassion, respect and love.

What is the methodology of School Bodhisattva CB?

The method of Bodhisattva School includes 4 modules:

Ngöndro, Shamata, Vipassana and Mahamudra, each of these modules include the following:

  • Modules completion
  • Study and group discipline
  • Examine and contemplate acquired knowledge

Practice a daily discipline with the support of mantras and prostrations, among other tools provided within the seminars.

Complete retreats in the Condor Blanco mountain to deepen and practice the teachings.

Dalai Lama Quotes:

The essence of religions and Buddhism is the same: the practice of love, which is necessary to emphasize forgiveness and share the suffering of others.

The essence of spiritual practice is your attitude toward others.

If our mind is dominated by anger, we would squander the best part of the human brain: wisdom, the ability to discern and decide what is right or wrong.

Friendship could only take place through the development of mutual respect and in a spirit of sincerity.

Both the believer and the agnostic are human beings. We should have great respect for each other.

Although there are different religions, different cultures and traditions, the important thing is that all agree on its main goal: to be a good person and help others.

The goodness or badness of an action is determined by its fruit or result.