Sa Training (Earth)

Sa (Earth)

The Earth training aims to create the external and internal structure and discipline to firm, strengthen and balance the base of life. It aims to purify body, word and mid karmas through the service in the city as producer and in the mountain with Karma Yoga, fasting (body and word), physical discipline and prostrations.

It also provides energy and merit accumulation to enter the real path of the vision (Shamata y Vipassana) so we can distinguish calmly and clearly the reality from illusion. The earth creates the structure for meditation.

Of the five Dhyane Budas, Ratnasambhava is related to the element Earth.

“the Buddha of the south, his color is yellow, his season is spring. He has the power to increase and personifies the rising energy or arise, raise; that’s why his right hand shows the generosity mudra. He is connected to pride and vanity, negative states of mind that transmute themselves into transcendental wisdom of equality, which do not accept discrimination between self and others. Generous as the Earth, he gives his abundant products to all living beings. He works the Wisdom of Equality.”
Oracle Yidam

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