Nyung Nes

Nyung Nes

Nyung NesIt is one of the most intense purification practices of Tibetan Buddhism, specially related to Avalokiteshvara of 1000 arms: the Compassion Boddhisattva.

Many practioners have achieved higher awareness states through this intense purification practice, aiming to clear negative karma through several sadhanas (with the proper steps of creation, meditation, visualization, etc) and the 8 Mahayana vows, special purification food, mantras and prostrations.




An opportunity to purify and gather energy!



Caminhada Nyung NesFor those coming only for the retreat, please remember to bring:

– sleeping bag,

– blanket,

– comfortable and warm clothing,

– flashlight.

You don’t need a tent if you’re coming only for the retreat.


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