Me Training (Fire)

Me (fire)

The fire of wisdom and right motivation. To reach the devotion and commitment, to trust. The fire represents wisdom and joy. Transmute the passionate motivation into unconditional love. To reach the capacity to dissolve the crudest obstacles and the capacity to achieve greater service to others.

To acquire commitment with discipline, tribe, teaching and master.

Of the five Dhyane Buddhas, Amitabha is related to the element Fire.

"The Buddha of the west, his color is red, his element is fire and his season is summer. He is the personification of the energy of magnetism and control. He is connected to the negative states of mind of desire and attachment, that transmute and transform themselves into the “transcendental wisdom of discrimination”, thanks to that he flashes the beauty of each phenomena, what characterizes and distinguishes him from others."
Oracle Yidam

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