Lungta Ceremony

Lung TaLung Ta – The Horse of Wind – is a special Tibetan ceremony, which aims to attract the luck as a companion for those who are present. In this ceremony, tibetan flags are hung for the prayers to be spread by the wind.

Each flag has a central horse, surrounded by written mantras and prayers, therefore the wind can spread them in that place.

“The wind is the natural element of the horse. When it gallops, the wind rises to its encounter. Its mane and tail flow freely when it accelerates through the quiet air, creating the wind. The wind and the horse are natural vehicles for movement, the horse transports material forms and the wind, ethereal forms. The prayers are carried by the wind, and in Tibet, the prayer flag is known as Lung-Ta: The Horse of Wind”.


  • Strengthen health to obtain a harmonic large life.
  • Increase the energy and vital force.


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