Lhung Training (Air)

Lhung (air)

The element Air is about consciousness and meditation. We begin to distinguish the conventional truth of the ultimate truth, aiming to be conscious of Samsara and to make the effort to change step by step to a more valuable life.

It is the moment to gain even more consciousness of who we are.

Of the five Dhyane Budas, Amogasiddhi is related to element Air. 

“The Buddha of the north, his color is green, his season is autumn. He is the personification of the energy of fulfillment of actions, the power of stability. He is connected to the negative mind states of envy and depression, that transmute and transform themselves into transcendental wisdom of Actions Fulfillment, in which thanks to the power of joy, increases our acts in order to be in benefit of others.”
Oracle Yidam

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