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February 16, 2014
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February 2, 2015
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Ignorance is the root of all

afflictive emotions in such a way that, for example,

is ignorance which leads to anger.

We act aggressively against others because we ignore

that anger will only bring pain and sorrow to us

and others.   Also, due to ignorance we have pride,

desire and jealousy or envy.

Dissolution of the darkness of ignorance

awakens the Buddha Vairochana.

The wisdom that shines radiant

when ignorance is surpassed, it is the wisdom

of dharmata. That it is,

reaching the highest state of unconditioned truth.

So far, we have not been aware

of essence of things because we are

ignorant. This, in turn,

causes mental confusion and leads to negative actions.

Purifying ignorance generates

realization of wisdom,

that understands the true nature of phenomenal existence.

The natural body of purity of the

dharmata is the wisdom of Buddha Vairochana.

It is depicted in white since the darkness of ignorance

has been removed from it.

White transforms delusion of ignorance into

The wisdom of reality.

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