Coaches and Trainers

Drupon Lama Dorje

Mentor y Instructor

Buddhist monk in Nepal since he was 5 years old. At the age of 10, he learned in India the profound teachings of Sutra and Tantra, rituals, mandalas, astrology, herbs and Tibetan medicine. He had several teachers from different lineages. In 2003, he received the title of professor of Buddhist philosophy, specializing later in Meditation thanks to his root Master Drupon Jampa Rinzin Rinpoche. In 2004, he made the LO SUM CHOG SUM, a supreme retreat of the Kagyu Pa lineage, for 3 years, 3 months and 3 days isolated on a mountain. He extended the retreat to 4 years at the request of the Grand Master Garchen Rinpoche, achieving the level of Tumo meditation, inner sacred fire. In 2008, he completed his retreat and received the title of Lama, meaning "Master" or “Teacher”. Then, he began traveling to expand the Dharma. By 2009, he was invited to Chile as a disciple of His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche. He was integrated to the Condor Blanco organization in 2011, founding one of the seven schools CB, the Bodhisattva, and the Condor Blanco Dharma Center (CBDC).


School Director

Director, instructor and trainer of the School of Bodhisattva Condor Blanco (Consists of 4 modules that instruct on the Mahayana Buddhist path to continue turning the wheel of Dharma). Consultant of discipline and personal development. Apprentice of Tibetan Buddhism with Lama Dorje from Nepal in the Condor Blanco Mountain in Southern Andes, Chile. There, she lives as Yaikin (permanent resident) since December 2009, and has been able to experiment the benefits of discipline and meditation.



Systems Analyst and Process Management Consultant. Method Warrior & Lover Conflict Resolution Consultant. Instructor, Coach and Tutor CB, involved more than 20 years ago in Condor Blanco, both in the Organization of events and as Ex-Director of Coaching.



Architect (Universidad Santa Maria - Caracas, Venezuela), specializing in Interior Design. Lecturer and consultant with over 8 years of experience in working with women. Kai Woman instructor since 2007 and High Level Coach certified by Condor Blanco Organization. She has studied Aura-Soma (color therapy) with Dev Aura and Systemic Constellations practices with Rakasa Lucero. Creator of Moon Map and Moon Mandala (revealing methods of our relationship with the moon) and Facilitator of LunaKai (Celebration of Womanhood in equinoxes and solstices). In her work, Manuvari gives strength to personal experiences, reconnecting with the subtle and sacred aspects of the feminine nature. She promotes an environment that rescues the essence in every woman, delivering a fresh new vision of life linked to personal satisfaction, enjoyment and fulfillment.



Bachelor’s in Naturologia Aplicada from the UNISUL University. Trainer, Coach and Life Projects Consultant from the International Organization Condor Blanco. She is a leader Trainer of Bodhisattva and partner leader in the Condor Blanco Coaches Academy. She is a partner-director of two companies in the travel industry and "Dharma Marketing". She loves Buddhist art, mainly paintings of Thangkas, after studying "The Face of Buddha", "White Tara", "Elements", "Buddha Shakyamuni" and making traditional cloth Buddhist art with instructor Brazilian Tiffany Gyatso, also Tibetan Mandala course with Lama Dorje.



Physiotherapist, studied Leadership and Bodhisattva in Condor Blanco. She went on a Vision Quest, a 4-day retreat isolated in nature. She traveled in an expedition to India, where she attended a seminar with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. After completing a Natural Detox certification, she now works with detox therapies.