Chu Training (Water)

Chu (water)

In the element water it is important to clean the drama, so our water can flow crystal and clear as a river. Learn to work with acceptation without judging or criticizing, and to have a clear vision.

It is the moment to reach self-confidence and the trust in others and in life.

Of the five Dhyane Buddhas, Akshobya is related to the element Water.

"He is the Buddha of the Central Space, his color is dark blue, his period of the year is the transition station, the space between the seasons where the elements change to create a new alignment that will form the new season. He is the personification of the energy of destruction, the Aired power. He is connected to the afflictions of hatred, rage and dislike, in which he’s able to integrate the path of Illumination thanks to the transcendental wisdom of the Reality sphere that allows us to realize the real nature of phenomena, its illusoriness.”

Oracle Yidam

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