4th Module

4th Module: Mahamudra

Mahamudra, Dzogpachempo, Great Perfection, Dharmadhatu… are different ways to refer to the maximum state of meditation, where the state of equanimity is experienced, becoming apart from duality and experimenting the supreme joy.

It is also a retreat of absolute silence and realization, in which the nature of pure mind is lived, the mind of Buddhas.

In this sacred retreat we integrate Shamata (mental calmness) with Vipassana (absolute clarity), achieving to maintain this state.


A week

of retreat, silence and deep meditation.


The Mahamudra Module helps to create structure and to balance daily life, discovering a new meaning to it.
  • Discover the true mission of human beings and eliminate the belief of our personal mind that produces duality, attachment and rejection.
  • To be able to reach an internal balance and equanimity.
  • To obtain rest through a state of consciousness and conquer true internal shelter.