3rd Module

3rd Module: Vipassana

Vipassana (Pali) or Vipasyana in sanscrit, according to buddhist tradition, means comprehension of the true nature of reality. Dalai Lama once said Vipassana means "analytical meditation" (Shamata - "to calm the mind").

When we have achieved a good Shamata meditation and have closed this cycle well, it's time for Vipassana. Shamata prepared the fundaments of mental calmness, so since then we can begin the process of deep investigation and analytical meditation (Vipassana).

Therefore, we achieve an increased self-knowledge and we can see more clearly the nature of the internal and external phenomena.

It consists in a retreat of one whole week, which takes place at Condor Blanco Mountain, along with grupal instructions, personal interviews with the Lama, and oriented alone meditations in the natural woods.


The whole week:

Culminates with a ceremony called Gana Tsacktra, a thanksgiving celebration.


  • Discover the meaning of the absence of "I". The purpose is to see and recognize what we hadn't recognize before about ourselves in silence, aided by self-observation and deep investigation.
  • Distinguish between conventional reality and ultimate reality, clarifying the confusion of a wrong vision. Understand the illusion that our mind reproduce.
  • Opens to a new supreme vision through a personal interview with a Guru (Master) and meditate in the natural woods.