2nd Module

2nd Module: Shamata

Shamata is a very special basic meditation, called "Mental Calm Meditation". The main purpose is to calm the mind and decant turbulent thoughts that usually assault us, due to stress or the intensity of our daily life.

In Shamata's practice we can check how much purification we have achieved in the preliminary stage, Ngondro. Depending on the purification level achieved in the basic stage, higher will be the level achieved in Shamata.

Picture this: what would happen if the clouds never dissipate? We wouldn't be able to see or feel the heat of the Sun. Meditation is a habit that suits everyone in any situation, not only for those who practice Buddhism.

An essential tool to achieve inner peace, regardless of the spiritual path or practice followed.


The whole weekend: Saturday: 9AM - 6PM / Sunday: 9AM - 5:30PM


  • Helps mental health, in a way that medicine and physical alimentation could not provide. It's achieved when we learn to manage our mind in our favor: the mind without training is like a horse without rein, for we have to learn how to tame it.
  • To learn other types of mantras and breathings, different from the basic and preliminary, which helps to achieve meditation.
  • Exercise a method to accomplish inner peace and supreme concentration (Samadhi).
  • Connection with the nature of pure mind and its essence.
  • Increase the energy and eliminate energetic scapes that weaken us, because we enter in a more conscious and focused action after practice.