1st Module

1st Module: Ngondro

In the first Module, Ngondro, we have the opportunity to introduce the basic philosophy of Mahayana Tibetan Buddhism. We receive the initial practices as prostrations, mantras, breathings and meditations to begin the path to self-awareness and self-conscious, with the necessary tools to work ourselves, the others and all other areas of our life. Techniques are used to make changes in our daily lifes, in our work and profession, in what we practice or teach, and in our relationships with others.

These tools teach us how to enjoy a better life and use of our time, changing undesirable situations and clearing our life to sow new principles, attitudes and skills, aiming a happier, productive and meaningful life, for yourself and all around you.

It is a basic and essential module. As family and education are fundamental aspects of children development, Ngondro is as useful for beginners in spiritual practices.

If we imagine the construction of a house, the concrete must be solid and stable. Likewise, if we want to develop our spiritual practice, we need to have solid foundation.

The spiritual practice is like a building, that could have one, two or more floors. Buddha mentioned that there are ten levels (bumis), and higher our building or the spiritual practice, more solid and strong must be our foundations.


The whole weekend:

Saturday: 9AM - 6PM / Sunday: 9AM - 5:30PM


Ngödro Workshop helps create structure and balance to daily life, discovering a new meaning to it.

Some topics that are taught in the workshop:

  • How to live an integrated, balanced, solid, happy and free life.
  • Basic preparation for meditation through listening, reflecting and studying the essence of the buddhist philosophy.
  • Learning how to purify the five great negative emotions of the mind, and how to control them through knowledge and the antidotes.
  • Make way for Dharma and merit accumulation, recognizing the value of being human.
  • Discover the importance of a spiritual path and the jewels that compose it, in order to be supported by them.
  • Acknowledge the root of all obstacles and learn a practical discipline to apply in your daily life, in order to advance, once finished the module, increasing prosperity, happiness, consciousness and freedom.